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Choice Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in BristolAfter illness, injury or surgery, it’s important to regain strength and independence – so you can get back to work, play and the little things you do everyday.

While the overall focus of our practice is general orthopaedic physical therapy, Choice Physical Therapy’s professional staff has advanced manual therapy skills, and extensive training and experience treating patients “across the lifespan” with a wide variety of sports and work related injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation needs, and chronic conditions.  Our team includes registered physical therapists with advanced degrees and certificates with expertise in orthopaedics, sports medicine, work place injuries, fitness/health, and Aquatics.

 Our therapists are educated in Active Release Techniques® (A.R.T.)a state of the art soft tissue manual therapy program utilized by professional and Olympic athletes that has been proven through independent research to effectively treat repetitive or overused muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia and nerve injuries.

At Choice Physical Therapy, our philosophy is to provide the highest level of patient care! We are committed to achieving optimal patient outcomes by employing highly trained therapists, utilizing evidence based medicine in our treatment approach and offering extensive patient and community education in injury prevention.  Each therapist at Choice Physical Therapy takes a personal approach to patient care, education, symptom relief and preventative treatment.  We keep our programs focused on the individual needs of our patients, with clear and timely communication with your physician.

At Choice Physical Therapy of New Hampshire, we provide:

  • Clinical ExperienceOur physical therapists have advanced degrees and nationally recognized certifications.
  • One-on-One CareIndividualized treatment provided by licensed physical therapists!
  • Superior Continuity of CareYour treatment is provide by the same therapist from initial evaluation to discharge!
  • CommunicationWe work closely with you and your physician to help achieve your goals and get you back to health as soon as possible!

We also offer an injury screening program and would be happy to take a look and make a recommendation as to follow-up care, whether it be a referral to your doctor, a specialist, sneakers or a home program.

Choice Physical Therapy also works with area organizations and employers to encourage wellness, education, promote safe work practices and prevent injuries.



Call us at 603.744.0275 (Bristol) or 603.238.2225 (Plymouth) and we’ll get you started right away!

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